My Birthday by Arlene

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Today is my 64th birthday.  How is it possible and where did the time go.  In my mind it seems like just a few days ago my friend Marie and I were sitting on the front steps eating lemonade, there was only one flavor in those days and it wasn’t called Italian ice either. We’d sit there talking about the latest dance craze and then we would go down to her basement, play the radio and teach ourselves the new dances.

When I stop to think of all the technological changes that have occurred in my lifetime I am simply amazed. Things, that as a kid  was the stuff of science fiction are now part of our everyday existence.  Microwaves, cell phones, IPhones, IPods, space stations, and what about the advances in medicine, did we ever imagine that we would see organ transplants; now is that just a page out of Frankenstine or what?

When I look in the mirror these days I honestly don’t know who that is looking back at me, surely it can’t be me.  Not with those jowls and the dark circles under the eyes it couldn’t possibly be me. But it is.  I sit and wonder what happened to the girl I once was, where did she go? Then again I’ve been luckier than a lot of other people, I’m still in pretty good health and I manage to keep busy and keep my mind from going sour.

I also look around me and see all the empty places that once  held those who have passed.  Gone are mom and dad, aunts and uncles, and fat to many friends. There are too few left who share the memories that I have; too few who can laugh away the hours reminiscing of childhood games and teenage folly.  I cherish deeply those who remain with me now.  Each passing day brings us closer to our own end of time; so we must live and love each day that we have, constantly moving forward dealing with whatever life hands us and making the best of it.

As for me on the 64th year of my birth I am grateful to God for loving parents who gave me so much I can never count it all.  What they gave me is far more lasting than any material thing.  The love, the laughter the family gathered around the dinner table every night and the chatter that was part of it all. The strength they showed in the face of adversity which taught me to never give up no matter how hard things get.  The charity they showed others that taught me the real joy is in the giving.  To never let go of the child in you, it’s what keeps you young at heart.  The laughter and taking pleasure in the simple things in life; a drive in the country on a beautiful day,

the summer picnics and doing belly flops on the sled down the hill after the first big snow storm. This and so much more remains in my heart and will forever more.

On this day of all days I am happy to be here and I guess after all I do know where the time has gone.  If I were asked what wish I would make today, my wish for myself is to be around to celebrate another birthday. What I wish for everyone is peace, love, laughter and many, many happy memories to share with even one person who remembers you when.

To everyone born on June 29th.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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