The Doors Music Company Settlement

I made settlement this week with the Doors Music Company.They had used three of my photographs in their new book, The Doors by The Doors. The photographs were used without license AND miscredited to another photographer. There were three other photographs that were licensed and credited, however. The book & CD/DVD Boxset collection were released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the band.

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A Full Circle

The Miami Herald had turned down my Jim Morrison photographs in 1969. I had called them after the infamous Miami Concert. They were responsible for informing Jim’s attourney about the existance of my work, which he purchased for the trial. This led to my testimony as Jim’s first defense witness.

Anyway, They just contacted me and wanted to purchase a photograph, Jim Morrison #7, for an article on This Day in 1969. This completes the circle, but it took 37 years.