Glowing Apple

Glowing Apple
Tabletop - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - June 20, 2014


I wanted to do some creative photography. I love still life and the challenge to create something from scratch. I had an idea to shoot an apple, a glowing apple. Interesting enough, I decided to see what was out there by doing a Google image search. I discovered an image where a camera flash unit was put INSIDE the apple. Had to try it, after all it was an actual glowing apple.

Light is the basis of photography and I like to feature it as a subject. Once I had the light inside the apple, it was a matter of placement. An interesting background, a way to conceal the flash and support the whole apparatus.

The flash was fired remotely, triggered by the on-camera flash.140620-glowing_apple-44 This shot used a porcelain pitcher which was in our kitchen. It was chosen mostly for support reasons, but I thought the flash inside could create some interesting lighting. Here is the result.

There were no Photoshop manipulations in this image. In the film industry it’s called a “practical.” It’s all done in camera with actual setup of objects.

Here is another I had done previously: Floating Light Bulb

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Happy Birthday, Steve !

Steve Kushner - 1970
Portrait of Steve Kushner - 1970


I shot this portrait of my then neighbor, Steve Kushner, in 1970. Steve was one of the best artists I have ever met. A true Renaissance Man.

I was so pleased to be able to capture some of Steve’s intensity in this portrait. He really liked it, as did I.

Today is Steve Kushner’s birthday. He is greatly missed, even though we lost touch for years.

I recorded a telephone conversation when we spoke after 38 years.
Here it is.

I built a website for Steve to showcase some of his work (mostly oil paintings). Here is a link

Happy Birthday, Steve, wherever you are …..

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